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Title: Question about knot choice...
Post by: Urangme on February 03, 2018, 05:58:09 PM
Hello folks, I'm a complete newbie to tying knots and am finding myself stuck on a project.

Hopefully it's okay to ask for advice here (I've also been researching on the web and have ordered a couple books on knots to try to educate myself).

I have a project that needs a turks head or pineapple style knot (I think) to cover something shaped like a small football with the ends cut off. The object is about 2" in diameter at its widest point and the area I want to cover is about 2.5" long.

I've seen some jigs that look like they might work (from jigpro) specifically the 3 nested bite 2" jig, but I'm unsure if the knots will do a few things I need/want them to do:

a) I need full coverage (tying in 1/8 paracord) without much in the way of gaps
b) I need the ends of the knot (I don't think collar is the right word here, but it is what intuitively feels like the right word to me) to tighten down a bit more than the middle of the knot

I've been poking at freekingsweetapps's advanced grid maker to try to nail down a knot, but am a bit overwhelmed.

Any advice welcome, and if I've overstepped bounds by showing up here and asking this question, please let me know and I'll show myself the door.

Kind regards!
Title: Re: Question about knot choice...
Post by: Wed on February 04, 2018, 05:37:27 AM
In order to cover a compound radius, you need at least an "over two, under two" coverage. Or what the weavers call twill. Knotters would call it a pineapple. That will be pliable enough. "over four, under four, even more so (satin). But then it will become less stable.

Do look up pineapple knots, barber poles and other combinations.

Still, as strands stretch out over a larger area, you may have to add more goods around the equator with the help of an interbraid.

First step is to find out how many bights are needed by dividing the polar circumference with the cord diameter. This could take a few trials to get right, as tension affects the knot. And don't make it too tight. Otherwise, the interbraid will be hard to fit.

I don't deal with quotation mark measurements. So you will have to do your own calculations.

Attached is a turks head with an interbraid that I threw together from an old pattern. Even if it is in effect two braids, you could continue the interbraid straight from the turks head.
I also attach an end knot pattern that I used for a stair case rail once, if that helps. If my way of thinking of drawing is helpful, feel free.
Title: Re: Question about knot choice...
Post by: Wed on February 04, 2018, 06:09:18 AM
Leather headphone ear muffs over pipe insulation foam. Leather though, is quite forgiving. You can pull and stretch it, still it comes out nicely. Until it beakes of course ...
Title: Re: Question about knot choice...
Post by: Urangme on February 05, 2018, 04:29:35 AM
Thank you sir! I'll dig at that some more and try to wrap my head further around it!