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Title: Advanced Grid Maker video tutorials
Post by: Phil_The_Rope on March 04, 2016, 06:00:28 PM
Hi everyone.

A number of people were continuing to access the screencast version of my first video on using the Advanced Grid Maker, and I came perilously close to exceeding my monthly limit within just 24 hours. That being the case, I have paid for an upgrade which has increased my bandwidth 10 fold with

In future, I will post videos to both YouTube and, so folks will have a choice. The screencast ones, especially in full screen mode, are better quality, BUT they do require flash player (thanks to ?Wed? on the IGKT forum for bringing that to my attention). If anyone has trouble watching the screencast flash versions, you?ll need to use the YouTube ones.

YouTube versions are here - ( (go to the bottom of the ?Knotty Stuff? list to see them)

Screencast versions are here - (
Title: Re: Advanced Grid Maker video tutorials
Post by: Wed on March 04, 2016, 06:48:47 PM
I myself visited the screencast one, only because that is the link you posted two days ago. Actually, not looking at the link, I thought it would take me to the gridmaker itself (for which there are no link at all).

If you ask me, flash should (yes should), die swiftly and in great agony, after first have been outlawed. But that is a different story.

My advice is to pick one outlet for the videos. It does lessen the options. But it would probably also lessen confusion for the viewers, and your burden to administrate.

Screencast and Youtube are not the only services out there. All have their pros and cons. I happily watch clips, but I don't agree to either license. So if I had anything to show, I'd shop around a bit longer. Of course, getting an audience to leave the comfort zone of Youtube, isn't the easiest thing in the world. Then again, if those watching the clips, get direct links from here, the effort is probably minimal ...
Title: Re: Advanced Grid Maker video tutorials
Post by: Phil_The_Rope on March 04, 2016, 10:52:26 PM

Yes, I must confess that, of all video formats, flash has always been the one to cause most grief (especially with Apple devices?) - I can't argue with that.

Although I don't give a link to Grid Maker, I do say how to find it (about 40 seconds into the "Introduction" video). I wish I could figure a way of embedding hyperlinks within the videos though 'cos that would be very useful.

I think YouTube has become so commonly used (a bit like Google has become almost everybody's default search engine), so I will certainly stick with that. For the time being, I'll also continue with screencast because the video quality is better (when one can view it of course!), and I can publish directly to it from my screen capture program very quickly. YouTube videos have to be rendered first and then uploaded - this takes much longer, but, as you say, it's a comfort zone for most.

If I was trying to make money out of videos, perhaps I'd consider the options more thoroughly.

Regards, and thanks for highlighting the flash problem,