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Title: Possible new hitch-type knot
Post by: Arjemc on October 16, 2015, 01:32:54 AM
I'll start with apologies to everyone; I hope I?m not wasting your time. It was suggested that your forum may be the ideal place to seek some guidance from those that know. Please forgive the poor images and lack of correct terminology.

With my very limited knowledge, I have what I think may be a new knot of the 'hitch' variety. I haven't been able to identify it on the few websites I have accessed (search results aimed at 'Hitch' type knots). The closest I could find was the Snuggle Hitch.

I am hoping that perhaps you could let me know if I have stumbled onto something new or simply missed an existing configuration. Please don't think this simply vanity but all other names I considered for the knot have already been used so if I am fortunate to have something new here, I would like to name it the 'McDonnell Hitch' and if the stopper knot is something new, the 'McDonnell Stopper'.

Attached is a step-by-step breakdown of how I assemble the knot and again, as a newbie, there may well be a simpler way of assembling it (any advice welcome). I tried inserting the image in the body of this message but wasn't able to I'm afraid.

Once assembled and pulled tight around a post, either end of the rope when pulled seems secure although an additional ?back-up? knot could be applied (image eight).

I also wondered if having the two locations at which the rope crosses over on the opposite side (image seven) from where the knot is tied (image six) that these 'cross-overs' may add to the knot's traction around the entire object (post). The final knot may benefit from being tied off in some way as additional security (image eight).

There may be further use as a standalone knot (maybe a stopper knot?) when removed from a post and pulled in tightly (image nine). It is still relatively easy to release and has no obvious failure point even with manipulation of the accessible turns comprising the knot.

I realise it's rare for anything new to come along but thought I?d give it a shot with you guys.

Many thanks

Title: Re: Possible new hitch-type knot
Post by: Dan_Lehman on October 21, 2015, 05:53:46 PM
I think I'm seeing correctly that the left-side end of image
#5 --i.e., center of 2nd trio-- is the upper end of #6?!

This knot resembles a Turkshead structure, and something
akin to it was presented to the IGKT some decades ago
(and I don't have immediate access to the reference, now).

Your hitch certainly looks to be secure,
but I've no time right now to play --just wanted to give
a Reply to the post!

Title: Re: Possible new hitch-type knot
Post by: Arjemc on October 21, 2015, 11:31:08 PM
Many thanks for your reply and yes, your understanding of images 5 and 6 is correct.

If anyone can point me in the direction of the particular knot similar to a Turkshead knot, I would be most grateful.

Once again, many thanks to all for taking a look and commenting.