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Title: Symmetric Boa knot
Post by: SenzuBean on April 27, 2015, 07:29:06 PM
Hi again IGKT. While playing around with the constrictor and boa knots, I noticed that one method of tying it is generalizable. As shown on the Wikipedia page here:
the knot is formed by having a bight/twist/loop - and performing a twist of that, and then placing the two halves formed on either side of the rope (sorry for the non-technical description). Well I decided to try this, but use a clove hitch as the starting point. What emerged was a symmetric Boa knot - very nice looking IMO. Not sure if this is original - I apologize if not.

I should add that the symmetry is rotational symmetry when viewed from the sides. It's looks a lot neater than the normal Boa knot IMO.

False alarm - it's just a boa knot that's neatly dressed - apparently the original boa knot is already symmetrical - mods can remove this thread :)
Title: Re: Symmetric Boa knot
Post by: SenzuBean on April 27, 2015, 08:20:49 PM
It's definitely in the same family, but I don't think I see it in the knots presented before (unless I have tied it in a way that there are less crossings of the rope). It is most similar to this one: I think.
It's a shame many of the other knots do not show the underside.
Title: Re: Symmetric Boa knot
Post by: xarax on April 27, 2015, 09:21:23 PM
   Except from JP s knot, all the other Double Constrictor knots do not have anything to hide in their underside : all the the wraps are parallel to each other = perpendicular to the axis of the pole. In fact, that is deliberately done this way, to increase the contact area between the surface and the line. When we have a crossing or a twist between two line, the one of them goes "over" the other, and loses its contact, hence its grip to the pole.