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Title: Open Sesame bend, and its reverse, by Harry Asher
Post by: xarax on December 18, 2014, 08:37:00 PM
   A very nice, simple interlocked-overhand-knots bend, which is not well-known. I had discovered it buried in KM just yesterday...
   ( Knotting Matters #43 and #55 )
   Harry Asher himself suggests the loading/bend shown in the first attached picture/sketch, but I think the "reverse" loading /bend is also interesting. In the two other pictures/photos, the Standing / Tail End pair is not chosen or indicated - the bend will be deformed slightly differently under those two different loadings, but I have tried to show both of them in one go ! :)
    [ Harry Asher, Pieter van de Griend, Owen K. Nuttall, I wonder what had happened to those prolific knot tyers.... ( Roger Miles was still going strong last time he had kindly offered a few advises to me, and Dan Lehman is, apparently, going even better than some decades ago !  :) ]