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Title: re-laying hawser laid rope
Post by: aroundthebend on August 25, 2014, 03:45:58 AM
I made a single-rope swing for the whelps today, and found out that relaying twisted rope so it's nice and tight is not easy to do by hand. I passed the rope through the hole in the swing seat, tied a double matthew walker knot, and inserted a sailmaker's whipping below that. I wanted to leave a 12 inch tail, which I did after re-laying as best I could, terminated by another whipping. The swing termination is secure, but the rope lays in the tail are loose and pathetic.

Some further research turned up that a proper 3 strand lay should involve either a machine for twisting and tensioning or three people to twist good and hard one on each strand.

So I guess what I'm looking for here is some guidance. I will presumably be in this situation again---when in a couple years I replace the swing rope, or for another project---and I can't count on being able to conscript two other fools at a moment's notice. What do you do? Did you build or buy a laying machine, or is there another way? Can anyone recommend a good explanation or procedure?

(I'm posting in chit-chat because as an IGKT newbie it wasn't obvious to me which forum section is best. I'll be happy to re-post as appropriate if the guild gods so desire.)

Title: Re: re-laying hawser laid rope
Post by: Fairlead on August 25, 2014, 11:14:25 AM
Not all rope will lay up again if the strands have been separated - especially Polyamide (Nylon) soft laid rope - some others can be just as bad.
The strands of natural fibre ropes, especially those that have been hard laid, will keep their form when unlaid and are easy to lay up again by first twisting two
together (one in each hand), ensuring that they lay together as they were originally, then lay the third strand into the pair.  Making grommets is good practice at getting the strands to lay correctly, and to determine which ropes will and will not re-lay. 

Title: Re: re-laying hawser laid rope
Post by: aroundthebend on August 25, 2014, 06:28:08 PM
The rope I was using is natural fiber, 3/4 inch. The lays did basically keep their shape, but I didn't get them to lay in tight around each other. I think your advice to start with two then work the third in will help. I'll get practicing.