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Title: Introduction thread
Post by: Willeke on May 15, 2014, 09:30:58 PM
Hi all.
After a time away I realize that it is hard to recognize the people on the board, as most are just names which are (often) different from the names we might know the people by from other places.

On an other forum I used to use there was an introduction thread and it worked so:
Each and every member who liked to share information did so in a post. Some did not and nothing bad with that.
New people would come to that thread to learn a bit about the regulars and likely leave a few lines about themselves.

Please consider internet safety and keep it light. No need for page long entries, but if you have photos, one with your favorite knot or knotted work will be nice.
I hope you feel invited to post on this thread, I will start with a new post.
Title: Re: Introduction thread
Post by: Willeke on May 15, 2014, 09:37:20 PM
I am Willeke, if you have met me online or in real life you will know me by that name but I have a family name as well, van der Ham.

Having tied knots most of my life, decorative work since age 9, I became a guild member in 1994.
Been to two main IGKT meetings per year from October '94.
At the moment I am a member of the executive committee of the IGKT.

Most of my knotwork is decorative, just enough practical knots to survive life, but my decorative work is often practical in nature, like lanyards and baskets which I make in miniature.

Oops, forgot how to add a picture, when I work that out I will be back, till then, my site is under my name, to the left.

Title: Re: Introduction thread
Post by: PatDucey on May 16, 2014, 05:18:59 AM
I am Patrick, and I live in Seattle, Washington, USA.  I am on the board of the Pacific Americas Branch of the IGKT.

I was taught how tie Turks Heads by my grandfather when I was 8.  He was an old salt who sailed tall ships all over the world.  He was the Commanding Officer of a troop transport during World War II, and had wonderful war stories about tying knots on the bridge of his ship during kamikaze attacks.  My mom met many of his crew who would comment about how he would look up from his work, calmly order a helm change and return to tying knots.

Before the internet, I didn't know there were other people in the world who tied knots like I did.  Now that I know that there are many others who share my hobby, I am proud to be a member of the knot tying community.  I mostly tie Turks Heads, but I also tie mats, macrame, sennit, and coxcombing.

I am a drafter by trade, and I use AutoCAD to draw grids that are used to make complex Turks Head tools.  Using these tools, even the most novice knot tyer  can tie very complex Turks Heads.