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Title: Yet another bowl, full of spaghettis.
Post by: xarax on February 13, 2014, 06:53:01 PM
   It seems reasonable to collar the "Strangle bend"(1), in order to relieve some tension - and to interrupt the continuous, smooth paths of the Standing parts around the central core, which may facilitate the unwinding of a slippery line. There are many ways one can do this : the collars can be wider or sharper, depending on their clock-wise or anti-clockwise turn around the Standing ends, and the Standing part first curves can be adjacent or not. In the bend shown in the attached pictures, I had used yet another classic trick : I have crossed the ends of the spaghettis inside the core of the bowl ( in an X configuration, like the Tails of the Zeppelin X bend ), to increase the overall volume, and make their swallowing inside the central black hole a little more difficult.