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Title: possible new lifting hitch
Post by: squarebanksalaska on January 08, 2014, 09:22:55 AM
Hey there fellow knot tyers,
  I posted this in the practical knots section, quite some time ago ( ) it was suggested that I move it to the new knots section, which I neglected to do for quite some time.  This is a hitch intended for lifting cylindrical objects parallel to the rope, it works quite well for my applications, I was just still wondering if there is some sort of official word from the IGKT on whether or not it is new.  Thanks much for the suggestions in the previous post.  Happy tying out there.

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Title: Re: possible new lifting hitch
Post by: xarax on January 09, 2014, 12:22:58 AM
   We can distinguish two broad classes of similar hitches, depending on the way the loaded / Standing end is entangled to the Central / main bight.
   1. If the former goes through the later, the problem is how to secure the remaining end ( = the unloaded / Tail end ) within this entanglement.
   2. If it does not, but instead it is "hanged" by another, secondary bight formed on the unloaded / Tail end - which secondary bight is now the one which goes through the Central / main bight -, the problem is how this secondary bight will not open up.
  { Regarding the hitches which belong to the first class, there is a very simple way to solve the problem : we can always secure the unloaded / tail end firmly, by making it pass through the two loaded opposing U s : the U formed at the tip of the Central / main bight, and the U formed at the tip of the right angle deflexion of the loaded / Standing end. See, at the attached pictures, two very simple ways - among the many possible ones - this simple method can be implemented ( Hitches 2 and 3 ). Also, see how the way the problem is solved in a simplified Andalusian hitch ( Hitch A )(1).}
   I believe that, as your hitch belongs to the second class, the problem it has to solve is more difficult - so, if it does solve it in a simple, new way, it should be regarded as a new knot, indeed.

Title: Re: possible new lifting hitch
Post by: squarebanksalaska on January 09, 2014, 10:06:00 AM
It's funny, but when I discovered this knot, I was experimenting with a bight triple wrapped around the pole to create six turns in less steps with some sort of belief that this would make it easier to tie, and then pulling on it, and then dissecting the knots afterwards.  I had never tried making it with just one wrap.  This probably simplifies it, and exposes what I guess would be called the "base" knot for the gripping hitch.  I am sure that this exposed "base" knot has already been formed.  It is strange that it started out as complicated, but the base knot is really pretty simple (at least simple to tie).    Here are some pictures of the knot with just one wrap.  Thanks for your help, if you have any idea what the knot with just one wrap is called, I would love to know.
Title: Re: possible new lifting hitch
Post by: xarax on January 09, 2014, 02:07:40 PM
   As a two-wrap hitch, I would prefer to twist the secondary bight 180 degrees more - i.e., to embrace the Tail end a little more, in a Timber-hitch-like style. See the attached pictures, where this hitch is shown as a right-angle pull hitch - but it can also serve as a not-so-tight lengthwise pull hitch.
   Personally, I do not like the Timber hitch, but in this two-wrap form it becomes a more clever and tight solution, I believe.
Title: Re: possible new lifting hitch
Post by: squarebanksalaska on January 11, 2014, 08:10:12 AM
Dear Xarax,
  Thanks much for the reply I had tried to do that with the main bight in the original knot, which was too much, but I never thought to try it with the bight that grabs the standing end.  It is kind of amazing how much the knot changes when it is stripped down.  Your reply gave me alot of food for thought, and I have been playing around with other things, and surfing around on this forum. 

Last year when I started trying to find an easy to tie and remember hitch for lifting stuff at work, and then trying to find a new one, I was amazed that there are still knots out there that have yet to be discovered.  But after looking around, and tying a few myself, it is amazing how fast the number of variables increases and how there are even very simple knots out there waiting to be discovered, and an easily memorized and simply achieved knot can be a literal lifesaver.  This forum is so cool in that there are a bunch of people trying to test the boundaries of discovery in an ancient, yet still relatively unexplored (especially by the scientific community) discipline.  Thanks for your time and advice.

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Title: Re: possible new lifting hitch
Post by: squarebanksalaska on January 11, 2014, 12:32:25 PM
I tried the extra twist in the full gripping hitch, and it almost seemed like the extra pressure on the barrel of twists around the pole pulled it more than usual, although I am trying it in p-cord, so that may have something to do with it.  But in the simple knot form, it turns it from a joke knot into something that actually works.  Thanks again so much for your time and advice, that little extra twist makes a hell of a difference.