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Title: A very "simple", conceptually, TIB bowline
Post by: xarax on December 09, 2013, 10:18:41 PM
   As anybody should know, simplicity per se is a very complex thing...  :) As we discuss many "new" TIB bowlines, we run the danger to forget the KISS principle. A most simple bowline, seen in the "wild" and reported by somebody in this Forum some time ago (1), is the one shown in the picture. If we judge it from the amount of the consumed / required material, or from the number of turns the line of the collar structure follows in its path within and around the nipping loop, it is quite a complex PET TIB eyeknot - but, in fact, it is perhaps the simplest TIB bowline of all, because it is based on arithmetic, not on geometry !  :) If the one bight on the slipped Tail, passing through the nipping loop, does not make the job, just repeat the operation once more, and add a second bight, passing it through the first one !