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Title: mifor's single knot tutorials annotated
Post by: KnotMe on August 05, 2012, 06:53:18 AM
mifor recently posted a list of her (his?) tutorials in a monster blog post (  Starting with the single knot section, here it is annotated:

双联结 (   double connection, also triple and winged variant   two strand matthew walker
横双联结 (   sideways double connection
双钱结 (   double coin   carrick bend
纽扣结 (   button knot   two strand diamond, lanyard, friendship, etc.
单线纽扣结 (    inline button knot (single and double)
长钮扣结 (      double and triple button knots
万字结 (      sauvastika
三耳酢浆草结 (      four eared cloverleaf knot, square flower
双耳酢浆草结 (      three eared cloverleaf knot, triangular flower
盘长结 (      pan chang/mystic 2x2 and 3x3
吉祥结 (      good luck
攀缘结 (      creeper knot   macrame square knot, all parts with one cord   
平结 (      flat knot   macrame square knot sinnet/solomon bar
十字结 (      cross knot   the beginning of a crown sinnet tied with one cord
藻井结 (      plafond
团锦结 (      round brocade (6 petal cloverleaf, hexagonal flower), 8 petal cloverleaf (octagonal flower)
绶带结 (      tassel knot   doubled cross knot?   
星辰结 (      5 and 8 pointed constellation (stellar) knots
二宝 (      2x3 bao knot   
三宝 (      3x4 bao knot   
四宝 (      4x3 bao knot   
十字双联 (      45 degree double connection knot
雀头结 (      sparrow head (lark's head)   cow hitch
蛇结 (      snake knot sinnet
金刚结 (      reinforced snake sinnet
同心结 (      "same heart knot" == true lovers knot?   
索线结 (      machine translates as "cable line junction"   slipped grinner knot (double overhand)
十字吉祥结 (      crown sinnet
万字攀缘 (      broken link 8(   should be some variant of the sauvastika knot
徒手三宝 (      3x4 bao again in cord vs line drawing
复团锦结 (      complex heart cloverleaf variants
吉祥宝结 (      lucky bao knots (2x2 and 2x3)   bao knots tied on the bight good luck style
二耳冰花 (      broken link 8(   it says "two ear ice flower"
六瓣藻井 (      hexagonal plafond
双藻井 (      double plafond   
凤尾结 (      phoenix tail sinnet and big phoenix tail sinnet   
宝花锁结 (      machine translates as "treasure flower (bao) lock knot"   looks to me like a doubled heart sauvastika
复酢浆草结 (      4 petal cloverleaf (square flower) with overlap of 2
十六耳团锦 (      16 eared/petal cloverleaf
琵琶结 (      pipa knot
五福,六合 (      machine translates as "5 lucky, 6 close"   5 and 6 lobed... turks heads?  mats?  what defines a turks head?
八字结 (      figure eight knot and leaf knot
反双联结 (      opposite or flipped double connection knot   nothing to do with the monkey's fist
左右轮 (      machine translates as "left and right wheels"   alternating half hitch sinnet
六瓣纽扣结 (      hexagonal button knot
元宝结 (      tael ( knot      
逆向蝶型小结 (   inverted butterfly heart small knot   there's a literal naming, eh?  it looks rather like it's got some kinship with the sauvastika knot though, don't it?   
红豆结 (      red bean knot
有轴冰花 (      ice flower heart
Title: Re: mifor's single knot tutorials annotated
Post by: SS369 on August 05, 2012, 04:03:08 PM
Hi Carol,

it needs to be said, "Thank You for this!"
Love of the craft will inspire the sharing of labors.

Title: Re: mifor's single knot tutorials annotated
Post by: KnotMe on August 05, 2012, 08:45:46 PM
You're welcome.  I'm contributing what I find easier to do than some, hoping it makes accessing these resources less overwhelming for my fellow anglophones.  I'm starting to recognize more Chinese by sight without having to run to my translator tab so much, but I'm still not fluent or literate.   :'( 

On the other hand, I can visually identify what's going on, most of the time, just by looking at the illustrations.  I'm sure I make mistakes though.  I also hope by sharing to get a little double checking/fact checking assistance.  Similarly, I hope the turks head people can tell me if what I guess about that type of knot is correct or not.
Title: Re: mifor's single knot tutorials annotated
Post by: Mrs Glenys Chew on August 06, 2012, 07:59:29 AM
Hi Carol,

Thank you for these tutorials.

I don't get enough pactice time tying knots, but just this weekend I did my first major Turk's Head.  I wanted to distinctively label a drinking bottle, and my usual 5 bight wasn't going to look good.  I picked up one of JD's 10-bight tutorials from Google, and it nearly fitted, but I needed to extend it to about 17 bights.  Trial and error on that kept me up late, and the bottle promptly went missing the next afternoon, so I can't count them accurately for you.  But...

- I remembered reading a post or a site about 5 years ago concerning the mathematical formulas behind THs, and why there are some numeric combinations you can't have.  It may even have been in KM.

- I also noticed whilst working the extension out that there was a definite pattern to the way the two bights/passes I was extending alternated in moving past each other, and the way the WEnd wove between them.  But I have 2 more bottles to do before I can converse confidently on _what_ I was seeing.  And confidence isn't the same as knowledge or experience :)

It seemed to me that the TH is a kind of elongated self-contained plait (in the same way that a length of cord tripled can be made into a self-contained plait), but with extra crossing points, where a plait simply crosses over outside in/other outside in.  But maybe I'll get to do the other bottles this week and I can observe it better.

Title: Re: mifor's single knot tutorials annotated
Post by: Urfin on September 28, 2015, 12:51:19 PM
Thank you very much for these!

宝花锁结 (      machine translates as "treasure flower (bao) lock knot"   looks to me like a doubled heart sauvastika

I've tried only the simpler ones for now and very much liked this one (in its "no ears" version) for use as a lanyard knot. It produces a nice weighty flat wide tab.