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Title: Double Dragon Loop
Post by: knot4u on July 20, 2011, 06:07:55 AM
Wow, what a great answer to the endless keyboard pounding about Bowline variants!  :)
Title: Re: Double Dragon Loop
Post by: xarax on July 20, 2011, 09:15:44 AM
   The Double Dragon loop is a useful loop to know.
   ( To invert  the understatement of the millenium "The bowline is a useful knot to know" (1), into an overstatement  :) )
   The Double Dragon loop is a doubled form of one "Tugboat loop", relative to the so-called Tugboat "bowline" , or the so-called  flying "bowline". ( If I had said simply : "of the Tugboat bowline" or : "of the flying bowline", it would have been an indication that I "see"  things where nobody else does...:), and I am afraid I am not capable of such hallucinations.)
   The parent knot, the Perfection loop / Angler s loop (ABoK#1017, ABoK1035) is an excellent end-of-the-line loop, indeed. The structure of all those loops that are relative to the Angler s bend, include a hitch, but not a collar. The Double Dragon is a nessesary improvement to the less secure form of the so-called Tugboat bowline.  
Title: Re: Double Dragon Loop
Post by: knot4u on November 08, 2011, 07:15:58 PM
Although a Double Dragon may sometimes be difficult to untie, I have not been able to jam it.  A trick to untying it is to ring load it; relax the ring load; work it loose; repeat.  This trick works even if you use the Double Dragon as a bend or a mid-line loop (i.e., where you load the standing end as well as the working end).

Using some kind of poly rope from Walmart, I tied a Double Dragon as the first anchor in a Trucker's Hitch.  I then tied a double Trucker Hitch that had a nominal mechanical advantage of 9:1.  I pulled down on the working end to stress the Double Dragon.  It didn't jam, thanks to the trick mentioned above.  I was able to repeat these results with boot laces and also with 550 paracord.

An upside to the untying difficulty is you have a fairly simple loop that's more secure than a regular Bowline.  Also, the Double Dragon doesn't require a pre-knot, unlike the Zeppelin Loop which requires an Overhand Knot before tying around an object.  I'm not saying I prefer the Double Dragon over a Zeppelin Loop.  I'm just pointing out an advantage.
Title: Re: Double Dragon Loop
Post by: Mike on November 09, 2011, 02:11:55 AM
And contrary to the opinion of some folks here, the Double Dragon is very easy to tie around an object.