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Title: Large Turks Head Knots - techniques
Post by: Anthropy on July 17, 2011, 08:50:37 PM
How many folks when making large THKs use the expansion via slave lead vs laying everything out with a grid sheet of paper?

When making square, wide or long THKs I prefer to use the splicing method using a slave cord?  My favorite method for wide knots is to start with a 2 bight TH and expand from there.  The number of leads depends on how wide I want to end up with.

Just wondering what other's like to do.

Title: Re: Large Turks Head Knots - techniques
Post by: Wed on July 17, 2011, 11:28:19 PM
I used to CAD and print out my TH's. For complex designs, I still do.

But now, I generally determine the number of bights first, and then tie the knot in two stages. First stage is to just wind the cord around the whole design as a sacrificial grid. Stage two is to weave the TH in the grid. After that, remove the winding from the first stage.

This allows me to tie a fitting knot at once, and the sacrificial winding can be measured to specify the "Bill Of Material". Then of course it can be woven back as a doubling of the passes.
Title: Re: Large Turks Head Knots - techniques
Post by: PatDucey on July 18, 2011, 04:23:48 AM
I tie square Turks Heads in hand.  When going tall (few bights, many leads), I use a dowel, and spiral wrap leads on the dowel until  the knot is about the length I am looking for.  Then wrap back down (all overs) at the same slope.  As soon as I cross the first turn, I then wrap back up starting the over-unders.  Four times through, and you will have a 4 Bight x ? Lead TH.  This works for even numbered bight Turks Heads.

For short Turks Heads (many bights, few leads), I start with a 3 lead TH, and continue the braid.  A 3L x 4B becomes a 3L x 7B, 3L x 10B, 3L x 13B etc.  A 3L x 5B becomes a 3L x 8B, 3L x 11B, etc.  When I get to the size I want, I expand both leads and bights in the normal manner of expanding Turks Heads.

Only when I want to make a complex TH's, like globes, crosses, or TH mats, do I use a grid, and only because it saves time.

Title: Re: Large Turks Head Knots - techniques
Post by: Anthropy on July 20, 2011, 12:17:23 AM
The only THk I have memorized are 3L x 4B, 3L x 5B, and 5L x 4B.  I either start with the basic THK or use the spiral around method as you describe, then splice in more leads/bights.  Easy to turn a 3L x 5 B into a 5 L x 9 B TH.  I did a 4L x 39B hat band by starting with a 2 lead THk (multiple overhand knots) and expanding from there.

Sometimes I start with something I think might look good, then untie it and try something else to see what I prefer.  Gives me lots of practice on winter days when it is 20 below F. outside.