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Title: Nodo Palla
Post by: Brian_Grimley on October 21, 2005, 05:20:40 PM
Has anyone else seen the mid-line loop shown here: ?

It is used as a mid-line loop between people hiking over glaciers.  My first reaction was: why this bulky knot over the Alpine Butterfly?  If I correctly understand the machine translation of the Italian to English, the bulk is a desirable feature. As one falls into a crevasse, the rope cuts a rut into the ice and snow. The bulk of the "Nodo Palla" acts as a stopper knot in this rut. The loop helps to rescue the person dangling on the rope.

Cheers - Brian.

Ps. A machine translation of "Nodo Palla" is "Knot Ball".
Title: Re: Nodo Palla
Post by: nautile on October 21, 2005, 09:16:56 PM
You might want to go there

see "noeud en huit double" as base for this ball knot of yours

May be I am much mistaken but I do not recognize here the butterfly (  or rather what I know under this name - BTW : had fun with you "through the looking glass" extract) I rather see here a "variation" on the figure-of-eight.

See link , I simply put intermediate stages on the figure given on th elink you give