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Title: How to Make a Wide Zipper Sinnet by TIAT (Video Instructions)
Post by: JD~TIAT on April 22, 2010, 03:57:28 AM
The Wide Zipper Sinnet is the coupling of three tying
techniques: the base of the Honey Basket, the (standard)
Zipper Sinnet, and the Wide Solomon Bar. Together these
three elements fuse to create something new.


Video Link:  (  

Still, like clouds in the sky, creative ideas are often experienced
and developed by more than one person.

Likewise, a fellow YouTuber by the name of "eragon171717"
created a similar tie a few weeks ago. He pointed this out to
me so I decided to mention his work and his channel in my
video instructions.


He's new to the world of instructional knot videos, still take the
time to visit his channel. If his first video is any indication of his
skill, future videos are sure to amaze!

Link to eragon171717's Channel: (