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Title: Glue and knotting
Post by: Brian_Grimley on June 26, 2005, 01:42:35 AM
Deep down inside, do you doubt, like me, that glue is really and truly traditional to the art of knotting?  Well, doubt no more! 8,000 yrs ago a collagen based glue was used with knotting.



Title: Re: Glue and knotting
Post by: nautile on July 16, 2005, 05:53:43 PM
Thank you for this interesting( my opinion at  least) information.

In return a tip for "gluing", "varnishing":

There is a household product that is in fact an acrylic varnish (models enthusiasts use it quite a lot); me I use it to "redo" some books covers : 5 light coatings are better than 2 thick ones, let it dry between 2 applications or dry it using an hair-drier, dont get caught by the charming lady who own it though).
Easy to get, cheap to buy, easy and safe ( well dont drink it)  to use, easy to get off ( ammonia ), resistant to water once dry....
KLIR in France and Belgium
FUTURE in the States and Canada
ARISTAL KLEAR in New-zealand
GLOCOT in Argentina

I tried it on a sad looking manilla rope : got a crisp ( figuratively and factually) a *crisp* rope.
You might want to try it to glue, varnish, hold in shape, your knotting.
Title: Re: Glue and knotting
Post by: Brian_Grimley on July 16, 2005, 06:56:54 PM
Hello nautile,

Thank you for your tip! I will get hold of some future and give it a try! Future and knots: who would have thought?

I use a glue product called "Weldbond" in Canada (and perhaps everywhere?). According to its label it is a "Universal Space Age Adhesive" and "MORE Than Great Glue! I think it is a PolyVinylAcytate (?), PVA. I like it because it can be diluted in water for soaking a knot and also can be used with a syringe.  But, I suspect you already know of this product!

Cheers - Brian.
Title: Re: Glue and knotting
Post by: nautile on July 17, 2005, 05:32:05 PM
Hi Brian

Cheers !
in my mind that would have put you from out in the sticks, beyond the black stump, in the Land of Oz.
But see you are from Canada.
( ever need a great ophtalmologist go to Anne-Marie d'Amour in Montreal, kiss her for me and her godson Mathias ( my son).

Thanks for your tip, did not know that.

Did a little"googling" nothing on acYtate but system proposed acetate and then loo 6090 answers! Teach me not to always ask questions!

At first it seems to me to be a bit like KLIR ( use klir undiluted, soak the rope and then gently take off  the excess passing it between 2 fingers in a *non-fluffy* linen)  but now after google I think it is more a "synthetic latex" so it should stay more elastic and not give the stiff result of klir. Klir can also do the job of a soft glue. And on minerals that you want to have a wet look it is a good idea : if you want to get it off just soak a few minutes the piece of stone in diluted ammonia and brusk with a used stiff brush ( Even if you know it I will say it nontheless : do it as spitting : not against the wind! and be sure you are in an open place with no one ( human or animal) near you when you make the ammonia dilution).

Anyone have tips of the same order : products to enhance knotting result, please : do not keep it for yourself.