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Title: Gromment
Post by: Brian_Grimley on June 22, 2005, 05:32:05 PM
Have you tied a Common Grommet from a single strand? Would you like to see a photograph of one from 1500 b.c. - 3500 years ago?

The article, "Archaeologists discover ancient ships in Egypt", and the photograph is here: .

If the circle of rope is a grommet, then, from the photo, it does not seem to be finished as a Long Splice is. I can not help but wonder if it is an unfinished grommet or if the unspliced grommet is used as is. Perhaps the ends were used to bind the gommet to a spar? See ABOK #3130 for a similar application with a short three-stand strap.

I would like to hear what you think of this circle of rope! TIA.

Cheers - Brian.
Title: Re: Gromment
Post by: Fairlead on June 22, 2005, 07:19:59 PM
    What a fantastic find - thank you.

    I am tempted to ask for a larger picture - but from looking at this one, my GUESS is that it is a 'head band' on which the basket was carried.  Twisted using one strand round three times and perhaps the two ends are tucked opposite each other (in the picture one at 10 o'clock the other where the strands emerge at about 5 o'clock).  This would be quite sufficient if it were a headband because there would be no strain on the ring.
    I have watched native women in Africa make a similar item to carry a head load, using a piece of cloth.

Title: Re: Gromment
Post by: Lasse_C on June 23, 2005, 10:25:05 AM
I am always on the hunt for reliable documentation of historical knot/ropework - the older, the better!  ;D

Lasse C