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Title: Guild Logo
Post by: KnotNow! on June 05, 2005, 08:39:41 PM
Hi, We want to put a memorial brass plaque on Clint Funk's training table, which his son, Steve, has donated to PAB.  The engraving is quite modest in cost but the addition of the logo makes it pretty hard to bear.  Does anyone have the logo on file at an egraving shop, or is anyone working in the trade.  If not would any branch be interested in sharing the cost of the initial art work for the logo.  I can think of many places to use it in the coming years, on awards for achievement or service, as an identifier on donated works (which would be on display).  Hopefully not on too many memorials... but.  One would think in this age of computer controled "everything" it would be a simple matter but they do need to be justly paid so it is something I needed to ask about.  Replies can be Emailed or private messaged... unless someone sees a need to put comments on Forum.  Thanks, Roy.
Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: Dan_Lehman on June 06, 2005, 12:54:51 AM
Re the logo, I've long thought that it misses the boat,
and that we should have SmitHunter's Bend as the logo,
joining laid & braided ropes (old & new), and set up as
the major compass points (N-S-E-W), symbolizing that
this knot joined knot tyers from around the world.

Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: Jimbo on June 06, 2005, 07:06:06 PM
Re the logo, I've long thought that it misses the boat, and that we should have SmitHunter's Bend as the logo, joining laid & braided ropes (old & new), and set up as the major compass points (N-S-E-W), symbolizing that this knot joined knot tyers from around the world.

Oooooo!!  More verbal artistry! 8)

But speaking of boats, some of us might like to see this "SmitHunter's Bend" for ourselves.  Is that, perhaps, a Bend designed specifically for the Tug Smit Hunter (  If so, should it be portrayed "singed (", as said tug recently (6/29/03) got a little ( warm, according ( to some ( pictures ( I found...  ;)

And I'm curious to see how the inevitable "my section of the world is designated by the best[/b] part of the Logo, yours is the Bitter End" squabbles.  Of course, the American Standard would be to have the "Bitter End" designate the South, especially if the rope was made from Cotton...  :D

I suspect that last bit of punnery may reflect some of the decision making process that led to the decorative, endless (I did not say "pointless") Celtic-looking knot currently displayed.  :-/  But isn't the Hunter's Bend the raison d'etre for the IGKT in the first place??  I just don't recall Mr. Budworth ever arguing over a Carrick Mat with the same fervor as said Bend...

Seriously, if anyone has the IGKT logo in a nice .JPG or even .DXF, feel free to pipe up.  A semi-friend has access to a flat-bed LASER cutting table capable of carving plastics and wood.  It may etch Brass, but I'd have to ask.  It'll take any CASMate file & maybe a .DXF...  If I had that file, I'd try to get him to burn me a sample in Ipe wood (would that I could get Lignum Vitae!) and maybe Polycarbonate...  Is there a sheet plastic made of the same material as rope?  I've knot seen sheets of Hemp (not even HMPE) lately, (no guys nor stays either, but that's a different rant) nor have I seen polyester in sheet form -- the PUNishment is getting too intense (the "sheet" "line" ... someone shoot me!)...  The "sheet" plastic (as in "4 by 8") comes in colors and can be sand-blasted, and that makes a BEEE-YOOOO-tee-ful display, esp. lighted from below...

But I digress... ;D

The point is, I may be able to help, but not without said Logo in a fairly "print-quality" file.  Jimbo don't do no "art".  :-[
(PS: Vector graphics are VASTLY better than raster graphics for this particular project!!!  HINT!!  HINT!!!  But make it "pretty" first.  I can vectorize your raster all the livelong day, but I can't make it "pretty"...)
Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: Fairlead on June 06, 2005, 11:18:19 PM
I have to take issue with both Dan and Jimbo (IGKT Member???).
Firstly for diverting the thread from Roy's request and secondly the selection of the Turk's Head logo was made by the founder members after Liz Pawson submitted that it depicted the Guild's commitment to both practical and decorative knotting.  The current and official form was drawn by another founder member and author Stuart Grainger - who Jimbo, was meticulous in his drawing and the knot is neither Celtic nor endless.

I believe that the NAB Mid Atlantic Group has an electronic copy of the logo.  Suggest you contact Ed Morai

Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: knot_tyer on June 07, 2005, 12:36:03 AM
hello Roy...
...i recently went to Office Depot/Office Max (?!)...and asked
if they could make a nametag using the IGKT (member) logo...
...they said it would be no problem but i had to bring them a
.tif or .jpeg file  (.gif (?))....these are professionally made and
they said it would be easy to do (all i have to do now is to
sell a few knots to pay for it)....
...also you can check with any company that uses a laser
engraver....the engraving is done using a computer and all you'd need to do is to get them the IGKT logo you would like
them to engrave.....i tried to put every IGKT  logo i could find
at: can use any one of these and you should be able
to transform them into any type of file you need using an
image editor (?).. (.tif, .gif, .jpg)....
Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: PatDucey on June 07, 2005, 12:50:31 AM

You can get the logo off any IGKT website, just right click on the logo, and do a save-as to your computer.  This will give you a two dimensional picture, which should be enough for engraving on a brass plaque.  I have drawn the guild logo in AutoCAD, which I can convert to jpeg or gif, but it is much more sterile and  not as nice as the work that Stuart Granger has done with the logo.  If the engraver needs something without shadow or lines indicating the lay of the rope, let me know, I will e-mail you something.  I can also e-mail to the engraver as a dxf file (drawing interchange,) which they might be able to more easirily convert to the engraving machine.

Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: roy chapman on June 08, 2005, 08:39:25 PM
Thank You All!  Now I'll see if the local horse drawn engraving shop can download the various files you folks have found.   Too bad someone hasn't already found an engraving shop and had it done.  I'll post here again after I have had the plaque made and let you all know how it came out.
Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: KnotNow! on June 08, 2005, 08:42:34 PM
Well, I did it again... logged on in my own name instead of as PABPRES.  That lets you know what kind of month this has been so far.  Yep, PABPRES = Roy.  And again, thanks, everyone.
Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: KnotNow! on June 16, 2005, 08:10:00 PM
We (Patrick, really did the work) downloaded the logo and I fould an engraver who would do it via the Email.  We will see how the product turns out.  The cost in nominal.
Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: KnotNow! on June 28, 2005, 06:20:16 AM
Well, this worked very nicely.  Other folks may want to do something similar some day.  Thanks to Patrick I was able to Email the logo and text to enough engravers to find one who had the right equipment.  The finished brass plaque is perfect for the task and has been engraved (via a laser, I am told) with the logo and the memorial statement).  I also found someone who could laser engrave very pictorial images on granite, which is beyond the scope of this project.  Via private message or email I can refer you to the shop that did our work or the folks who do stone engraving by computer aided laser.  By the way the brass is so inexpensive that I think to do a knot board with laser etched tags.  Project 784,716 (or so my wife tells me).  Well, as to the memorial plaque... All is well that ends well.
Title: Re: Guild Logo
Post by: KnotNow! on July 11, 2005, 04:48:36 AM
We put the brass plaque on the table and let the table "work" by it's self.  The training table gets many visitors.  We also "work" the table when we can break away from our tables to show that a bowline on a table is not the same as the way of tying that most of us use.  Many guests were given to comment about the brass plaque.  The table continues to be a good tool, Clint continues to be remembered... what more could I wish for?