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Title: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: drjbrennan on June 02, 2008, 11:21:42 PM
As a new owner of a whizzy PC with I-tunes etc, I started looking around for knotting Podcasts. Is anybody doing them?  Any info on this subject would be most appreciated.
Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: DerekSmith on June 29, 2008, 07:37:40 AM
What's a Podcast?

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: SS369 on June 29, 2008, 05:15:12 PM
Hello Derek, a good description/definition of what a podcast is located here:

drjbrennan sir, As for finding them on the net, I have had success to date with just podcasts relating to fishing.
Perhaps one of our technically savvy members can jump into the arena here.

These podcasts can be viewed on a pc, then captured and burned to a storage medium or can be added to a video IPOD. A whole knew learning curve awaits you.

Here are two e-addresses to check out.

Hope that this helps a little.

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Knot Head on June 29, 2008, 07:11:37 PM
Well, I have my Video Gallery at my site. That could be a close PodCast. That is an interesting idea though. However, most are somewhat bashful in front of a camera. I know that some of those pod casts have to be planned out and scripted in order to have one at least without a lot of mistakes.
Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: DerekSmith on June 30, 2008, 10:08:27 AM
Hi Scott,

So would the training videos made by Phill the Rope be classified as Podcasts or would they have to be available through an RSS feeder before they qualified?

I liked the Wikepedia description of some of the uses of these sound and video sources and it struck me that as the Guild are spread thinly over the globe, we might utilise this technology to allow members who cannot attend meetings to be able to a least follow the content of those meetings after the event.

How about we start with the Guild AGM business section as a podcast?

What would we need to set this up?

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: SS369 on June 30, 2008, 12:32:06 PM
Hi Derek,
I am by no means the expert here and will  bow out to anyone who can fill the needs here.
I agree that this would be great technology for the Guild to use, in many ways.
The videos that Phil the Rope has on his site or any Youtube video is already part of the way there.
There are podcast hosting sites all over the net nowadays and I think the costs are well affordable (may be some freebies out there).
Would certainly love to see tutorials placed in this format. Might make the ongoing challenge of cataloging and naming easier? Just a thought.
But then I would love to see the Knotting Matters come into digital being too.
I think that any digital camera that can do video and audio would be an equipment start.

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Knot Head on June 30, 2008, 04:06:17 PM
I think the biggest issue I have been running into with the videos is the size. The bigger the video the longer it takes to convert to a web format suitable for viewing in the browser. Then comes in the saved format(Compression). The less compression the better the quality video, the more compression the lesser quality of the video. Then you have to think about the end user who is going to view the video, by that I mean what major bandwidth visits the website a lot, example; high band users(T-1, T-3, DSL, Cable) Low bandwidth users(Dial up)... Choosing a format to save in, or convert to is the most important thing you will do in the video making process. With out good quality and decent video size that will work for the major bandwidth users who visit the website, you will be hogging up hosting space and hosting bandwidth.

Make sure you have enough bandwidth on your hosting provider to support pod casting. You could very easily go beyond you hosting bandwidth cap(limit) that the host provider sets up for you when you buy the space to host your site. Make sure also, that your hosting provider supports the various video formats before spending the time converting your videos. I believe pod casting like said above is the way to go for good documentation of the many knots to tie. I myself am a bit camera shy and well plainly put my face could break plexi-glass. LOL... Hope that this little tid bit will help someone with making a good pod cast video.

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Phil_The_Rope on July 04, 2008, 07:31:01 PM
Phil The Rope here (I saw my name mentioned, but not in vain thankfully!)

I have experimented for some time with web-based videos, and am currently using YouTube as the preferred medium) ...

YouTube seems to have decent "streaming" facilities, and I don't have to worry about using my own web space! That means I can upload better quality videos than I would normally publish to the web.

Many of you will know that I am now in partnership with Richard Phelan, who produced the "Knots Made Easy" VHS video in the 1990's. We are in the process of producing a menu-driven DVD version of that video, and intend to continue to use YouTube to post examples.

Incidentally, the DVD publicises, and gives credit to, the IGKT (obviously, as members have been  both inspirational and helpful), and the introduction prominently thanks members of the IGKT for their help.

Obviously, this is a commercail venture, although we are taking the opportunity to promote the Guild too, as we all hope to increase the profile of the Guild and knot tying in general.

Must spend more time on the foumsnow I'm quitting my job ..

Get Knotted!

Phil The Rope
(and make sure you check out )
Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: DerekSmith on July 06, 2008, 07:32:28 PM
OK, I don't know if I am going forward or backward here!

Is a video on YouTube a Podcast?  And if it isn't then what is the difference?

If it is a podcast, then could we put the video of the AGM onto YouTube and not be worried by the bandwidth issues the Knot Head warns of?


With your newfound professional expertise in producing videos, would you be able and prepared to support and advise the Guild to help set up a Podcast of the likes of the AGM? (should we manage to get consensus and Officer approval to do this of course)

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Knot Head on July 06, 2008, 07:38:18 PM
Not much of a difference really. One would be just a pod cast(Voice Narrated), and the other is a Video Pod Cast(Streaming video). You should be able to upload to the YouTube no problem at all.
Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Phil_The_Rope on July 06, 2008, 08:01:16 PM
Hi Boys and Girls!

Not quite got my head around the definition of "Podcast" just yet!

However, I do have some video of this year's AGM - the whole of the AGM meeting itself, plus some "social" stuff - there's some particularly nice bits of evening entertainment. I did start putting a DVD together to send to the Guild committee, but I ran out of disk space whilst trying to do some paid work! However, the raw material remains on my backup disk so I will get around to producing something sometime soon.

One of my favourite bits is of Bob and Abbey singing, but I am not sure about posting video on the internet without their permission? I am real happy to help the IGKT any way I can, and if that includes video of events then sure!



Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Knot Head on July 06, 2008, 08:09:22 PM

1. Pod Cast (Voice Narrated)
2. Video Pod Cast (Streaming video)
Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: DerekSmith on July 06, 2008, 08:27:22 PM
So, one step at a time.

Phil has a video of the AGM and is prepared to make it available to us to use as a video podcast and to offer help anyway he can to make such a podcast happen.

YouTube can be used to host the podcast and supplies the hosting bandwidth free.

Does that mean that all we need is permission from the Officers to make this happen?

If so, who has contact with the officers and would be prepared to ask if we can go ahead with this?

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Knot Head on July 07, 2008, 06:22:38 AM
Yes. YouTube is a good solution for what you are seeking.
Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: SS369 on July 07, 2008, 01:18:34 PM
We got into this investigating what a Podcast was  and I assumed it was for audio, as in an audio-book, but we evolved to the tech level of Vodcast.

Since I don't think that the AGM meeting and the "social" stuff would be terribly exciting in audio only format, a youtube access video of it would make sense.

If and when the youtube or another placed video becomes available I would love to view it.

For those who would like to archive it, if and when it does come down the pike, there are ways to capture it/them off of the sites and transfer to storage media (for private consumption only).

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Phil_The_Rope on July 07, 2008, 02:50:39 PM
Hello All!

I totally agree that publishing "audio only" would be boring, especially of the AGM itself. Mind you, a video of the AGM wouldn't exactly be thrilling viewing either! There are the two "Portraits of knot tyers" that may be interesting though.

Some short video clips of the social side of the event might bring back a few happy memories, and help show the IGKT as the fabulous, friendly group it is!

I regret not taking loads of photos of the displays (although I think the wife may have a few on her 35mm camera which haven't been developed yet) - it might be nice to string some photos together (with a little background music - I have lots of royalty free stuff) to effectively make a video file for advertising purposes?

I have some expertise in video/multimedia production, even though I accept there are plenty out there who know more than I do.

However, if I can post/publish something of interest then I'm really happy to do that - anything that promotes the Guild is worthwhile. All I ask is this ... if I publish something that is technically not perfect, by all means make constructive comments but don't criticise for the sake of it (I'm sure IGKT members wouldn't do that, but there are others who would!)

Awaiting further instructions ...



Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: DerekSmith on July 07, 2008, 06:22:17 PM
Hi Phil,

Thanks for the great offer re the 'fun' side of the AGM.

However, there will be folks like myself who for a number of reasons (and geography will feature heavily) will not have been able to attend the AGM and would very much like to have heard the Guild decisions that were made.  Unfortunately, the AGM never seems to be minuted, so a video of the event would be most interesting to those who would love to have attended but couldn't.

As we are an International Guild, I think it is essential that we develop ways that allow greater distribution of meeting coverage without it incurring cost or additional work for the Secretary.  Using the internet in this way helps shrink the world for us.

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Phil_The_Rope on July 07, 2008, 06:47:57 PM
Hi Derek,

Point taken!

The AGM itself lasted about an hour (including the "Profiles of Knotters"). I think that is too long for putting on YouTube. However, I have to support your view that those who couldn't make the meeting ought to know what happened!

Not quite sure what the best answer is - obviously, I could send out DVDs to those who requested copies, but the cost could prove prohibitive. Let me have a look at producing some "highlights" of the AGM - perhaps I could publish them on YouTube? Trouble with highlights is that it would be a subjective view of yours truly.

There's food for thought though, and I'll have a think about what might be both possible and practical.


Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: DerekSmith on July 08, 2008, 12:19:32 PM
Hi Phil,

I watched a YouTube video by Clay Shirkey recently (  -  it was 42 minutes long !

In the context of the IGKT using this media to extend the range of participation in its international meetings I watched it again and two things jumped out.

First is that the quality of the video is not particularly high (you couldn't use it to teach someone how to tie a knot for example)
Second - the most important part of the video was in fact the audio.

Do you think that it is likely that this would apply nicely to Guild business meetings such as the AGM or Branch meetings?

Of course, getting good audio from a speaker - audience situation is not easy but no matter how 'non ideal' our first attempts are, it would still be a beginning.  If you compare the first KM with the publications of today we have come a long way, but it all started with that very first news letter.

Would it be possible to break the AGM video into say two 30 min sessions in a resolution suitable for YouTube?  Even if they leave a lot to be desired, they might just point out the value of their existence and indicate the steps the Guild would need to take in the future to improve on the very first offering.

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: SS369 on July 08, 2008, 01:13:44 PM
Have not checked to deep into this and I know the youtube video/audio quality is the pits, but a possible avenue to investigate for much improved quality is to locate some things on myspace (Much, much better quality) till youtube ups it's server capacities. Google "myspace videos".
Must earn the daily bread now.
Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Mrs Glenys Chew on July 08, 2008, 10:45:45 PM
Hi everyone,

I've no idea about the technical side of this discussion, but I can answer the general question over 'how do we get in touch with the officers?"  I have taken the liberty of forwarding the discussion to Dave Walker, and asking him to pass it round the Council, with a view to it being discussed at the next meeting, in mid-August.

I'll be reporting to that meeting via Skype, so if it is possible, please can someone condense the discussion into a format of pro's, con's, and layman's technical?  Doing so by 12th August should then give me enough time to read it and be able to pass it on intelligibly, by email even, for consideration.

I don't know how feasible it will be to put on a previous AGM, as many of the people there are not contactable (that is, there isn't a register as such of who was there) and I don't know whether anyone might have an objection.  It would be better to wait, announce the intention to film and put the film into the public domain at the next AGM or half-yearly, and then ask if anyone has any objections to being included in a trial run of the project.  But in any case, I'll let you know what the Council want to do with the suggestion.

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: DerekSmith on July 09, 2008, 12:53:28 AM
Question for Phil,

When you made the video of the AGM, was everyone aware that you were making the recording (or was it covert), did you have permission to make the recording and was it obvious to all that it would be your intention to 'show' or otherwise distribute the video?

I went to a local council meeting recently, it was being video recorded.  No one asked my permission to record me as being at the meeting and my natural assumption was that as the meeting was being recorded, it almost certainly would be published, and in fact it finished up on the council web site.

Do you think this would have been the understanding for the AGM ?

Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Phil_The_Rope on July 09, 2008, 09:00:10 PM
Hi Derek and Glenys,

Good question!!

Derek - is it possible for you to check whether there are documented conditions stating that anyone attending your council meetings automatically agrees to filming? Not an issue as far as the IGKT AGM is concerned, I just wondered.

The IGKT AGM - in fact, I used a large tripod and a large(ish) video camera, and it was pretty obvious I was filming. I spoke to Dave Walker beforehand, and I decided to film - it certainly wasn't covert, although I did NOT seek permission from everyone in the room.

Here is a VERY grey area!

Filming in Schools for example (which I've done) generally requires permission from all parents/guardians - if they don't deny permission when given reasonable opportunity to do so, then permission is assumed (at least it is if the school makes that clear when children join the school). Also, some schools/associations require anyone filming or taking photographs to be CRB checked (i.e. Criminal Records Bureau checked) too, but that is down to the individual school/authority/whatever...

My understanding is that it is NOT illegal to film or photograph in public (which the AGM wasn't of course - it was a private event), but one needs to be careful - for example, have you ever noticed that television footage of "obese" people NEVER shows faces?

I think the ONLY way to be totally comfortable that filming or photography is ok is to have it written into the constitution of, in this case, the IGKT.

I used to film regularly at a bi-annual dance weekend my wife and I attended - the event organisers made sure that teachers and students all agreed to filming (stills or video) by making it part of the agreement or contract entered into by all attending the event (not that many people actually read the small print).

On a very sad note (I may have mentioned this elsewhere - if so, my apologies) ...

The daughter of a good friend of mine was a British gymnastic champion as a schoolgirl, but neither he nor she has any video evidence of her award winning performances. The British Gymnastic Association (or whatever it's called) would not allow filming unless permission was specifically granted by ALL parents/guardians (i.e. a non-return of an acceptance form assumed to default to NOT giving permission).

I digress ... this probably means I need to have a letter in Knotting Matters asking permission to use the film of the AGM, or perhaps Glenys can get an opinion from Council? In hindsight, it would have been a good idea to address the meeting and ask up front if there were any objections? I WAS THERE, SO I DON'T ACTUALLY CARE if the film is published or not! If there is the slightest objection, then obviously I won't do it. What seemed a good idea at the time may actually cause friction, which I do not wish to do - I thank Derek in particular for raising the issue of permission.


Title: Re: Knotting Podcasts
Post by: Mrs Glenys Chew on July 18, 2008, 07:33:32 PM

I will definitely be mentioning it to the Council to get an opinion, and I certainly don't see why it shouldn't be a topic of debate followed by instant action (whatever the decision is) at the AGM.  I can't get to most meetings, and would love to be able to see them.  There is certianly nothing about it in the Constitution.

As long as everyone is aware that filming is being done, and that the results will be accessible to the general membership - if not also to the general public - then agreement need be simply a case of staying in the room.  The sticking point will be on whether it is for the membership only, or for the general public too.  Once I have some guidance on that I will let you know.

I may not be in much now, as we're having a 2-week holiday on Friday.  I'll catch up when I get back.