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International Guild of Knot Tyers

Branch News Roundup

Since the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have caused the cancellation of physical contact, a number of branches have made use of the Guild’s Zoom accounts to hold virtual meetings. So far, the Dorset (UK) branch has held two meetings, the Midlands (UK) one, and there has also been an Australian branch meeting and the AGM of IGKT France that both became international with both USA and UK joining in. More virtual branch meetings will have taken place by the time this issue of Knotting Matters drops through your post box.

Although the initial take-up has been relatively small, with just a handful of members taking part, hopefully the numbers will grow as people get used to the technology and word spreads. One of the main advantages of holding virtual meetings is that it enables members to keep in touch across a wide geographical area without the need to travel. With no early end to the pandemic on the horizon, it may be that the use of Zoom will be our only way of holding meetings for many more months.

Many thanks to the IGKT Executive for allowing the use of the Guild accounts and to David Pepper (UK) and Jim Wolf  (USA) for facilitating these meetings.

International Branches

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