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International Guild of Knot Tyers

Christmas 2018 saw two string-related presents from thoughtful family members! As I had never seen them before, I thought others might be interested. They are:

Cat's Cradle and Knot So Fast

The second game hails from Australia called Knot So Fast (£30) and is made by Think Fun. This game actually comes in two formats: one for a single player, the other for 2–4 players. Both contain some 40 knots, graded from beginner to expert, which the players have to tie. Our own Des Pawson is acknowledged as the game’s “expert consultant”. In the competitive format, players compete to tie the chosen knot and gain points. There are many more details and nuances in the instructions. This might remind members of the ‘six-knot challenge’.

The editors gave it a go and had some fun. I can see families or youth groups using this as a game, and for teaching. Members could add knots if they had any others in mind. It is a pity the quality of the cords is so poor.