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International Guild of Knot Tyers

Celtic Knotwork Designs by Sheila Sturrock

Guild of Master Craftsman Publications 1997 ISBN 9781861080400

The book is written for an those people who have previously tried plotting Celtic knotwork and failed. The author, who is primarily a versatile and accomplished exponent of paper related crafts, devised her own methods for constructing the knot patterns when she experienced the Same frustration. With a clear and simple text, over 200 designs and more than 20 photographs to motivate her readers, she guides us from basic beginnings to creations as elaborate as those done by the ancient scribes. The book has a soft cover and is 249mm x 186mm x 11mm, with 184 pages. Part one covers history, materials and techniques; Part two deals with the designs - hearts, loops, combinations and corners, and introduction to zoomorphics; Part three explains how to create your own designs and how to use Celtic knotwork to embellish other crafts. Colour is effectively used throughout this manual, which beautifully designed and real value for money.. With the long winter nights ahead, (well in the Northern latitudes anyway), look no further than this quite excellent book for an absorbing new pastime or new light on an existing one.

Geoffrey Budworth