International Guild of Knot Tyers

Decorative Woven Flat Knots by Skip Pennock

Decorative Woven Flat Knots by Skip Pennock

IGKT 2002 ISBN 9780951550663

This A4 size book is spiral bound - which makes it very easy to use - is very attractive to look at which prepares you for the feast inside. This long awaited book fulfils the promise with a wealth of varied designs. The colour photographs of completed work in the first part of the book show the beautiful, imaginative designs. The following black & white diagrams, almost 100 in number, are very clear and easy to follow. To experienced and beginner flat knotters alike, it will be very easy to create a beautiful flat knot, just by following the diagrams. I have so far only created the Seahorse, and the Ying Yang design, and I’m impatient to do more! I can truly recommend this book to IGKT members, for a new experience in flat knotting, at a very reasonable price. A book both lovely to look at, and to use.

It also comes with a free CD of many more designs.

Sheila Pearson


Note: With the author's full permission,this book has been published by the Guild and is available from the Supplies Secretary.