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Working Rope - Field Guides for Rigging Book 5 - Basic Braided Splices by Brion Toss

Working Rope - Field Guides for Rigging Book 5 - Basic Braided Splices by Brion Toss and illustrated by Margie McDonald

Xian Press 2004 ISBN 9780975334300

This is a soft cover manual of 122 x A5 pages, spring-bound to lie flat when open, with more than 150 black-&- white, step-by-step, instructional line drawings. It contains introductory paragraphs on splicing terms and tools - including a special feature on the author’s own Splicing Wand® - and a chart that demystifies and standardises the usual measurements and markings by making them multiples of rope diameters. Amongst other expert tips is an imaginative use for bungy cord (shock elastics) to ‘milk’ slack sheath over inner core. Actual splicing techniques are drawn and described for eye splices in: the New England Ropes product Sta-Set-X; double-braid HM (high modulus) ropes of Spectra, Vectran, et cetera; doublebraid Dacron, nylon and polypropylene; and single-braid Dacron and nylon. A multiple Brummel developed by Margie McDonald for HM ropes also appears, as well a reeving eye for all core-&-cover ropes. Two versions of an HM grommet are presented, together with an end-to-end splice for Dacron, nylon and polyypropylene double-braid ropes. Brion Toss is perhaps the most credible and readable author in his field. ‘Bear in mind,’ he writes in the Preface, ‘that splicing is still a skill. The instructions will not splice the rope for you.’ His book is, however, an indispensable aid to acquiring that skill.

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