Book Reviews

International Guild of Knot Tyers

A Booklet on Lanyards by Willeke van der Ham

IGKT 2016 (originally 2006)

This handy little booklet gives a five simple lanyard projects, using basic knots and braids. The instructions for tying the braids are straightforward and accompanied by computer-generated illustrations. Each project comes complete with a list of the materials required, and there is a small section on how to mix-and-match. Early on in the booklet, Willeke deals with lanyard safety, an important area in this culture of Health and Safety. Also, she deals with how to measure your lanyard and where to obtain materials. Younger members of the Guild or youth leaders will find these projects useful.


Note: With the author's full permission,this book has been re-published by the Guild and is available from the Supplies Secretary.