International Guild of Knot Tyers

A Fresh Approach to Knotting and Rope­Work by Charles Warner

A Fresh Approach to Knotting and Rope­Work by Charles Warner

Charles Warner ISBN 9780959203639

Not just another book on knots, this softback compendium is certainly a fresh approach, but without being con­troversial; containing some 1500 dia­grams of around 500 knots in its 272 pages, making it an ideal knotters· companion. Crammed with information (including some of the more recently published) the book is arranged in a logical sequence according to the structure of each knot. The author, and illustrator, Charles Warner, is a member of the Inter­national Guild of Knot Tyers, and has been studying knots for some 60 years as well as teaching them for 50, backed by considerable practical application experience in a wide variety of outdoor sports, handicrafts and domestic contrivances for just as many years. The Preface is written in a friendly and explanatory manner, followed by a chapter on the ’plan’ of the book, which MUST be read and thoroughly understood if the reader is to get the best from the content of the chapters to follow. The illustrations are hand drawn but concise and clear. Each of the six parts which follow cover: 'Getting Ready'-covering rope manufacture, care and preparation as well as general knot definitions, strength and security, teaching knots and how knots are arranged. Knots with a distributed nip occupy part two as knots with a concentrated nip share part three. Part four concerns itself with designer knots, including the search for different knots. Part five is devoted to field engineering and covers subjects like surveying, practi­cal geometry, lashing, anchorages and tackles. Finally Part six 'finding things’ covers a summary of applications and knots for particular materials, basic functions, special functions, particular occupations and fancy work. Then almost as a PS Charles has slipped in a final page on 'Cats Cradles' - so nobody has been missed out! A very good index divided into two parts; illustrations and concepts is followed by the final page in the book devoted to the IGKT.


Note: With the author's full permission,this terrific book has been reset and re-published by the Guild and is available from the Supplies Secretary.