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International Guild of Knot Tyers

Pennock BioI’m a middle-aged knot tyer from the west side of the Atlantic, inside the protected waters of the Chesapeake Bay estuary. An author of a couple of books published by the Guild, a couple of KM articles, and two articles regarding Braided Band Knots (ie Turks Head Knots) published on the web also. The IGKT books are Decorative Woven Flat Knots and This Is Knot Art. I finished them early in the first decade of this century during the Guild presidency of Brian Field, another avid flat knot tyer, and have done some more original fancy flat knot work since, though nothing as extensive. All proceeds from the two books go directly to the non-profit-making Guild. I prefer it this way, it does not feel quite right profiting from the IGKT. I enjoy being part of it, and the Guild and its members have been right good to me, informative, and engaging. I hope my article might stimulate folks to try these new knots, or maybe with just a few small changes, to create entirely new flat knots of their own.