International Guild of Knot Tyers

Yuval Dvoran

Yuval Dvoran spent every summer weekend as a youngster with his parents sailing in the Netherlands, and couldn’t wait to start knotting. In fact, he could tie a bowline and a figure-of-eight knot, blindfold behind his back before he was able to read! There were always knot books at home eg Kai Lund. Later, his parents bought him ABOK from which he couldn’t be parted, even at bedtime!

Today, he’s a member of the International, German and French organisations, and represents the German section on the Executive Committee. As a knot tyer, he’s mainly interested in netting (with a large, still growing collection of netting needles) and splicing all sorts of rope. He enjoys making lanyards and key fobs, while studying all kinds of plucked string instruments from the 16th to the 18th centuries, such as lutes and theorbos, at the university in Cologne.