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International Guild of Knot Tyers

The Recently Retired Knotting Matters Editorial Team - 2016-2022

They have left for a well-earned rest and carry away our thanks a very best wishes.

So that KM readers could aim their brickbats more accurately, the editors decided to introduce themselves.

Editors all

Gordon Teenan

Like many others, it began with Baden-Powell’s brigade, lashings and woggles. Faded for a while, but surfaced with burgeoning interest in square-riggers. Attending the start of the Tall Ships Race in the 80s at Cowes, saw a card in The Commodores House (once owned by Uffa Fox who taught the Royal Family to sail) on an exhibit labelled ‘International Guild of Knot Tyers’. Took a very long time to find a contact but finally managed it after talking to someone in the National Maritime Museum. The extent of the field amazed me with the discovery of ABOK. Main interest was the practical side, one inch manilla with the evocative aroma of Stockholm tar and avoided the rest, but realised there was room for the ‘fancy stuff’ as made with great skill by many clever members. Learned a few to expand my horizon, plus a couple of tricks to amuse the little ones. Knotting continues to hold my attention and interest after all this time, and I still struggle not to bore the uninitiated.

David Pepper

Having learnt his basic knots, splices and lashings as a Cub and Scout, David continued to expand his repertoire and apply his knowledge in practical ways throughout his life as a large animal veterinary surgeon, often consulting his ABOK. His interest has always been in what Ashley calls ‘occupational knots’. While ever keen to imbue others - his wife, children, veterinary colleagues and anyone who he can trap in a corner – with his enthusiasm for a useful or appropriate knot, he usually fails, but intends to continue undeterred.

Maurice McPartlan (Editor-in-Chief)

My knotting began with a fortuitous present of a book of knots: Brown’s Knots and Splices because of which I became the only cub to know how to tie a Turks Head. ABOK was my twenty-first birthday present and has travelled round the world with me. I have always been interested in THs but recently have been doing more plaiting – I am a member of the Australian Plaiters and Whipmakers Association – and have been entering plaiting competitions with some success.