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Jug Sling Knot Untucked
« on: August 10, 2017, 05:44:15 PM »
I was looking at different methods for tying the Jug Sling Knot the other day, and it occurred to me that if you tie it as a bend, and undo (or simply omit) the last tuck of each working end, you wind up with a bend composed of two interlocked overhand knots.  See the first image below.  It shows the Jug Sling Knot tied as a bend, and the interlocked overhand knots that results from untucking.

This bend draws up into the form shown in the second photo below.  It is symmetric end-for-end, and the two faces are the same as well.  I haven't seen this knot before and I don't find it in ABoK.  Does it have a name? 

As a bend, this knot isn't particularly useful.  Under load, or in slippery material, it can capsize into the form shown in the third picture.  That geometry is still symmetric end-for-end and side-to-side, but is not (to my eye) as pleasant in appearance.  There are many simpler bends that are more secure and easier to untie than this one, so I've posted it as a decorative knot rather than a practical one. 

The knot could, I suppose, be used in a lanyard or in macrame, but I find it interesting because the bend fits my criterion for a "True Lovers Knot".  It is composed of two distinct overhand knots that draw up to form a single, harmonious whole.  This knot is going into my collection of True Lovers Knots.

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