International Guild of Knot Tyers

Membership Benefits

becketAs a Guild member, you will receive the quarterly magazine Knotting Matters. Two formal meetings are arranged each year, held at a variety of locations, usually in UK. The meetings are open to all members with their guests, providing an opportunity to get together with like-minded people. At a regional level, local groups have been formed where members get together periodically to tie a few knots.

Apart from exhibiting at many events, often with a maritime slant, the Guild organises two meetings each year, as mentioned above - in May (of which the AGM is a small, formal part) and October (which is entirely informal).  These are both usually very cheerul occasions where members demonstrate new techniques, give talks about their special areas of interest and exchange news and ideas.  On the day of the AGM there is an annual Knot-Tyers Supper, which now has a 33-year tradition.  The AGM has nearly always been in the UK, in a wide variety of venues.  (The UK because the Guild began there in 1982 and is a UK Registered Charity (No 802153).  The half-yearly meeting has migrated around Europe and North America, being held in many interesting places.

The next few meetings are:


2016 November 4-6, the North American Branch is holding a meeting on USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC, USA.

2017 IGKT France AG in the Corderie Royale, Rochefort on 25/6 March

2017 AGM May 5-7 The Coaching Inn & Town Hall, South Molton, Devon, UK

2017 July 14-16 The Knot Festival on the Danish Baltic island of Ærø is the brainchild of Danish IGKT members.

2017 Half-yearly meeting.  This is being organised by IGKT-France and it will be on October 7/8 on the lovely Ile Tatihou, Normandy, France.


IGKT Branches also host their own similar events - the groups in France, Germany and the USA are particularly active. The Calendar link gives a full list of all the IGKT events around the world.


Downloadable list of IGKT meeting venues