International Guild of Knot Tyers

Group Membership

Group Membership

Youth Groups
Groups eg Scouts, Guides are offered FREE membership if they are formed, wholly or mainly, for the benefit of young persons ie those under 18 years of age. Application should be in the name of the Group with a postal address etc of an adult organiser.


As the nominated contact for a Group  membership, you will receive the quarterly magazine Knotting Matters and access to the members only section of the web site.


In your welcome pack you will receive the latest issue of Knotting Matters together with a cd of various knot tying videos, and a number of copies of the Lambeth booklet which is a re-print of an historic document giving a brief introduction to knots and splices. The booklets are intended to be distributed amongst your group - we may not be able to send out individual copies, but please do let us know on application how many members your group has. It is planned to also provide a certificate of membership to display at your group meeting place.

Two formal meetings are arranged each year, held at a variety of locations, usually in UK. The meetings are open to all members with their guests, providing an opportunity to get together with like-minded people.


At a regional level, local groups have been formed where members get together periodically to tie a few knots.

Duration: 365 days
Price: Free